User experience

Franci K., Zagradec : milder form of superficial skin cancer – after daily bathing in the bathtub with Revitan water and placing of soaked cloth on the area of illness, after 2 months, all signs disappeared and surgery was not required. Also, when I hurt my thumb with a saw, the wound did not want to heal and kept getting infected in spite of antibiotic treatment and regular changing of bandages. Then I began to wash it with Revitan water every day and it healed extremely quickly.

Joži A., Naklo: in 2005 I was diagnosed for billiar cirrhosis of liver. The doctors only gave me 6 months to live. Every day I drank 4 litres of Revitan water, mainly cold, as my body was overheating due to ill liver, and cold water was the only thing I felt like having. I also had weekly baths in the revitalised water. From month to month I felt better, all symptoms of the illness disappeared and today 12 years have passed since my diagnosis.

Meta K., Ljubljana: I am a blonde, my skin was extremely sensitive to the sun. Some day, by coincidence, I found that when I showered with Revitan water after being burnt by the sun, the burns were gone the next day. I even got a brown tan. Now I always spray myself with water when I’m in the sun or take a dip in the bathtub and all problems with skin sensitivity to the sun are gone.

Meta K., Ljubljana: my aunt had cancer on her leg, a part of her calves under the knees was already cut out, when, one winter, she visited me and showed me swollen and completely blue legs. I said that it was very bad and that if we don’t immediately stop the inflammation, it will reach the heart. The very same minute we dipped her legs into a bucket of water, then I dipped her legs for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. The water got so thick and dirty that I said she was not allowed to dispose of it anywhere else but the toilet. After as little as 3 days, the condition improved and after 3 months of dipping her legs were completely healed, with their natural colour back.

Boštjan K., Ljubljana: after 6 months of regular drinking, showering, and rinsing my mouth with Revitan water, I completely healed the initial state of parodonthosis in my mouth, my hair loss was also reduced and hair quality increased.

Martina D., Škofljica suffered from severe rash with a medical diagnosis of urticaria – hives since 2010. The cause was never established. She was conventionally treated with ointments, but with no improvement. They also tried herbal teas and herb-based ointments. There was no improvement.

For four years she struggled with severe itching and swollen red rashes that were always present on her face.  In February 2014, she started using Revitan device  on her shower. She regularly showered with Revitan water; she also drank 1.5-2 litres daily and used paper towel compresses soaked in Revitan water on her face throughout the day.Rashes and itching disappeared after 1.5 months of regular use of Revitan water. Until today, 6 months after she was cured, the symptoms did not reoccur. After 6 months of use of Revitan water, hard white spots that occurred under her eyes and on her eyelids also disappeared.


Peter K., Celje: I am a cancer patient with the diagnosis of: chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. I started using Revitan in October 2010, before chemotherapy. The recommendation that patients should drink at least 1.5-2 litres of fluid per day demanded an immediate adjustment, since it is known that juices are not the best solution and you also can not drink so much tea. So, only water is left. Revitan partially eliminates odours after chlorination, water is softer and the osmosis is significantly better than in ordinary tap water. Water prepared in this way was not difficult to drink anymore.
I started using this water for bathing, rinsing minor wounds and burns, washing and soaking fruits, vegetables, and meat. Occasional problems with haemorrhoids completely disappeared, without any maintenance activities. Good results were achieved due to regular rinsing of nostrils, eyes, and oral cavity. Various wounds were healing notably faster, as well as skin rashes, periodic occurrence of oral ulcers and other wounds in the oral cavity. The latter I found little later, with regular drinking of water in accordance with the instructions/the Japanese method. Despite a strong fall of the immune system from the first chemotherapy, I never had a serious cold or got ill in any way, and thus I did not need any additional drugs/antibiotics that are otherwise prescribed because of the significant deterioration of the blood count and to eliminate neutropenia. It would be hard and irresponsible to claim that the situation was only the result of drinking this water, because such claims would have to be verified with sampling, so my observation is highly subjective, but experiential. Connecting Revitan to the washing machine and dishwasher has also proven to be extremely effective. Odours from the washing machine, when you leave wet/especially dark clothes in a washing machine for a while after washing, or when you leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher over night, disappeared.
We also tested the Revitan water as “electrical smog cleaner”, where statements of the manufacture were fully confirmed. By placing sealed jars of water Revitan in rooms where we spend most of the time/living rooms, bedroom-5 jars (3 litres) under one bed, we noticed that there was no more dust on our TV and computer screen, and that the TV screen is no longer charged with static electricity. In the beginning we noticed that it influenced our sleeping, which was evident in the deterioration of sleep and well-being – first four days we could not sleep, although we noticed that we are getting up feeling more rested. Later, our sleep totally normalized, and the feeling that you are not tired when you wake up was great. Radiesthesia of the bedroom showed that above the bed, up to 60 cm high, there is not more magnetic radiation, which is the result of extremely strong water flows beneath the foundations of the house.
I think it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of use and stick to all uses of water in order to achieve optimum results. At this point I would like to especially thank to univ.dipl.ung Ig Sajovic and his colleagues, since they enabled me to endure difficult moment in the process of the complex treatment, which is commonly known that is neither easy nor without side effects. I assume that the water in such form helped improve my condition one year after therapies and that currently I do not need any pharmacological treatment. I agree with his opinion that it would be much better if I started to use this water sooner, before the first symptoms of my disease occurred.

Karin K., Ribnica: due to daily dipping of legs in the revitalised water Revitan, old skin stopped accumulating on my soles and the cracks in my skin also disappeared. After dipping in Revitan water, I do not need cosmetics anymore, dry skin is gone. Coperosis has also decreased. Muscles regenerate quicker if I bathe in the revitalised water Revitan after exhausting training. I also water plants in my garden with the revitalised water Revitan and even during periods of drought, they do not dry out, are extremely strong, have powerful root systems, and rust or rot do not occur either if I water or spray a plant regularly with Revitan water, while the fungal disease does not occur at all.

Tina K., Ljubljana: I had considerable stomach problems since I was a child. After every somewhat more spicy food, my stomach hurt. After a busy day I was tired, I also had dry skin, the more lotion I used, the dryer it was.

I decided to use the Revitan accessory since I saw that the device as based on water, without chemical additives. At that time I was at the beginning of my first pregnancy and I also wanted to take better care of my health and the health of my baby. Once I started using the Revitan revitalised water, after two weeks of drinking (approximately 3 l per day), I felt the cleansing of my body, as my skin did not itch any more, even though I stopped using lotion. Later, my condition improved significantly, stomach problems disappeared. After a very busy day, I lay in the tub with revitalised water for an hour or an hour and a half, and I still do it nowadays, when the children are asleep. After such a bath I feel extremely calm and relaxed, which was positive during my time of pregnancy and had a good influence on the child in my womb too. In time of pregnancy I used no cream against stretch marks, revitalised water alone made my skin sufficiently moist and elastic so that nowadays, after two pregnancies, there are still no stretchmarks on my skin. I also had good digestion during both pregnancies. During both pregnancies, I bathed in the revitalised water until the end, I also rinsed my vagina with the special attachment, about three times weekly, with the revitalised water, this reinforcing the muscle walls of my vagina, the white stream also disappeared. Both births were very quick, less than an hour, and without excess pain. Both children were born healthy, with clean skin and without facial swellings. They immediately started drinking revitalised water and I have been bathing them in it regularly from the very start. Until now I have used no cream for them, if there is a rush on their behinds, I only use gauze, dipped into the revitalised water, and by the next changing, the rash is gone. Since the water is very calming, they slept all night from the very start and also regularly sleep during daytime. My daughter is now two and she was not ill yet, nor was my three month old son.”»

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Joži Ažman, Naklo, Slowenia, February, 2009

In 2005, I was diagnosed with the primary biliary cirrhosis. Doctors gave me only 6 months to live. First, I changed my diet and removed all products of animal origin from it, but then I decided to eat everything. I started going to a bioenergetic therapist; he used treatment with magnets, but then due to high costs of treatment I decided to use only water from the Revitan device. Every day I drank 4 litres, mostly cold water, because my organism was overheating due to the liver disease, and I could only drink cold water. I performed weekly baths in revitalized water, while taking a shower before the process. From month to month I felt better, all the symptoms disappeared, and today it’s been 5 years since my diagnosis.

In addition to the experience that revitalized water has a beneficial effect on the cleaning of cells, I also found that this water successfully treats herpes, acne, burns, stomach pains and affects on better growth of flowers, because they do not need additional fertilization – we also bought pots for flowers from which plant itself draws water when it needs it, and the difference in growth was evident. It also had an extremely beneficial effect on the dog; she had problems with the rear paws, and we bathed her in warm revitalized water and the dog extremely enjoyed baths, because she felt that the water is helping.

I always carry the Revitan with me, even when I go on vacation or to a spa. But, the Revitan does not eliminate the smell of chlorine entirely.