REVITAN® energizer is a device for  improving the qualities of drinking water.

  • mechanically processes the water and fixes its structure, which is visible in the reorganization on the molecular level and in re-energizing (photography of the analysis of sensible crystallization);
  • It increases the share of structured water and decreases the share of non-structured water;
  • improves the water vitality and water gets a surplus of free electrons;
  • the water is also softer, lightly alkaline and tastes better.

Figure 1 – control sample -water without  Revitan® device

Figure 2 – Water from Revitan® device

Figure 1: The control sample of tap water shows typical dendrite spreading of crystals, non-branched growth, full of ray-shaped pseudo-cores. The figure shows gaps of irregular shapes.

Figure 2: Structure of crystallization of Revitan water shows the correct formation of crystals, which are organized in the central four-edged core and in the system of primary and secondary branches. The crystals are long, clean and clearly divided.

(Source: Cristallizzazione Sensibile con acqua REVITAN, Maurizio Peruzzi, Associazione per la Cristallizzazione Sensibile, Italy)

Regulated and harmonic structure is typical for all healthy and vital matter in nature.

Vital water in the nature

Water gets polluted on its way from the source to the tap. In the nature, the water gets cleaned automatically, among other ways also through ultra-violet rays and the dynamics of spinning, while its passes over rocks and waterfalls. Its structure is regulated and balanced this way.

REVITAN® energizer imitates the natural movement of water in nature.