From the REVITAN® energizer comes vital, energically enrich and properly structured water!


Analysis of sensitive crystallization

Water from Revitan® device Control sample – water without  Revitan® device



REVITAN® energizer: :

  • improves the vitality and quality of drinking water,
  • energically enrich water with free electrons,
  • fixes water structure,
  • its molecules are linked into small pellets, thus allowing the water to penetrate the cells more easily and to accelerate the cleaning process,
  • simple assembly and doesn’t need any special maintenance.

Used in:

HOUSHOLDS  for taps, shower, washing machine and dishwasher, pool, or for the main water system in the house,

AGRICULTURE for watering and spraying plants, for animals  and for the processing of milk and other products,

OTHERS like in dentistry, for industrial and business premises.

Igo Sajovic started to discover  the world of various machines and devices in his childhood. Later he studied for a mechanical engineer, but his greatest love is still physics. In his life, today he is 92 years old,  he patented nearly 40 different inventions. Among them is the  Revitan device, which energizes the water.

When he was constructed Revitan, he took into account the findings of the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrell who said that »the cell is immortal, only deteriorated by the fluid in which it floats. With fluid regeneration in regular intervals and proper nutrition, the cell shall live for ever.«

Consequently, if the cell is healthy, our bodily organs will also be healthy, and so will our whole body.