Experience in farming



Otmar Colarič, dr.vet.med

The quality of milk, dairy products and animal health has been improved after just one month of using REVITAN WATER. 

Only with washing milk system  and milk  tanks with  water Revitan, the numbers of bacterias  in the total sample of milk was reduced from  73.000  to less than 4000 bacteria per 1 ml of milk. The concentration of detergents for cleaning  milk systems can be reduced by more than half  if we are  using  environmentally safe water Revitan.

If we wash the udder of cows with water Revitan before milking  , the inflammations of udders has been decreased – the cows almost have no longer inflammations  of udders.

Since the  installation of Revitan device on the main conduit of water which was made in the farm of cows in agricultural school in Novo mesto in Slovenia,  60 cows are drinking the water Revitan every day and just after one month of using water Revitan, there was a big decrease of the number of somatic cells in the milk of those cows – from 200.000- 300.000  per 1 ml of milk to less than 130.000 per 1 ml of milk.

Using water Revitan by  animals, have a direct impact on the improvement of animal health, on the quality of the milk and all dairy products. Also the quality of the meat is better- improvement on the taste, smell and durability.


Additional results of use of Revitan accessories in our farming school:

After only three years of use of Revitan drinking water for our milk cows and calves, we have cured skin diseases of calves – as many as 20 years, our calves had problems with skin lick – Trychophytia – we repainted barns every year, treated calves, but the disease appeared every year, until we began to use Revitan water regularly.

The udder disease – mastitis incidence has also decreased.

After 5 years of use of Revitan water, the visits of veterinarians were reduced to 1 monthly or less, before the use of Revitan water, a veterinarian was present up to 2 or 3 times a day.

If we shower cows with the Revitan water, we have fewer flies in the barns.

We also give young calves Revitan water after 14 days of age, when we move them away from cows, in the relation 1/3 Revitan water and 2/3 cow milk.

When the cows are grazing, we also put Revitan water into the water tank for their drinking needs.




Jože Kic uses the water Revitan in his vineyard almost 10 years.  For spraying the vineyard and the orchard he uses just the water Revitan, without any  chemical additives.  It is important, to spray after every rain or  when the moisture is very high.

If the peronospora appears he start to spray immediately and within a few seconds  it is reduced to 70%.




ITALY – BELLUNO (2014-2017)

We spray multiple hectares of vineyards once weekly with Revitan water. In the first year of use, we reduced the use of sulphur and copper by 50%, in the second year by 60% and in the third year by 90%.

Incredible results: healthy plants, healthy crop of grapes, no problems with diseases and pests, a regeneration of the soil is also noticed and, of course, excellent wine.




At the farm Gorišek, at Križni Vrh in the Dolenjska region, we have been using Revitan accessories for several years now, both in the household as well as on the farm, in the production of goat and cow cheese from ecological milk.

All livestock drinks Revitan water. We also use it to wash them occasionally.

In multiple years of experience we found that the animals are a lot healthier, milk and meat are of a better quality, with a fuller taste. We also use Revitan in the production of cheeses, through which ecological milk flows. The shelf life of products was significantly increased.

We also have very positive experience with Revitan water when cleaning the milk pipes. This way, we reduced the use off cleaning agents by over 70%. All problems with milk pipeline disinfection, which we often had in the summer months, have also disappeared.




We have been using Revitan since 2011. We have placed it onto the main water supply for the barn. WE also have it in front of the milk pool. The immune system of cows is at a very high level. The veterinarian visits us once a year to do the legally required check-ups, otherwise we have no problems with illnesses or inflammations of animals.

Our milk also travels through Revitan which we have placed in front of the milk pool – we notice that the shelf life of products has increased.



The  same seeds, on  the one field was  conventionally  treated with chemicals , on the other field  treated only with water Revitan.

The seeds were first soaked in water Revitan before sowing,   also the soil was sprinkled   several times with water Revitan before sowing. The plants were sprinkled with water Revitan once per week.

The results: huge difference in the color – maize threated with water Revitan has stonger  yellow colour, the seeds  have become revitalized, also we can see the the difference in the size.