Recommendations for use of the REVITAN® ENERGIZER


Drink a minimum of 2 litres of revitalised water a day. Start in the morning by drinking several glasses of revitalised water on an empty stomack. As there are no side effects to water drinking, you may safely drink larger quantities.

In case of irregular digestion, continue drinking revitalised water in the morning until you feel the need to defecate. In time, intestine laziness will disappear.



Rinse your mouth with revitalised water at least 7 times every morning.

Each time, keep the water in your mouth for 60 seconds.



Rinse your nostrils with revitalised water 7 times every morning. Pour the water into your hands and breathe it into both the nostrils. Make sure you only breathe in water without air. Then, without hesitation, block one of the nostrils and breath out the water from the other nostril. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril. In this way, you will effectively and thouroughly clean your sinus paths.



If washing with a soap, only buy soda-based soap. Wash off the soap and allow the water to evaporate from the body, as well as the face, naturally.




Enjoy a 2-hour bath in pure revitalised water at least once a week. This will purify and refresh your body, detoxifying the body of free radicals and replenishing your body with energy. Observe the purity of the water before you enter the bathtub, and the impurities which may later accumulate on the bathtub walls.

Those without a bathtub may wrap themselves up in a wet towel from their armpits to their lower limbs after having soaked the towel in revitalised water for an hour or two, after having rinsed it and having squeezed out all the excess water. Wear the towel for as long as possible.



Give your pets and domestic animals revitalised water to drink. You may also decide to use revitalised water when giving them a bath or a shower.

Use revitalised water to water and spray the plants.




Soak your legs all the way to your knees in a large water container on a daily basis.

As the force of attraction causes the accumulation of free radicals in the legs, soaking efficiently detoxifies the body. This daily ritual will bring you the pleasure of walking lightly, while lumps, corns and calluses will slowly disappear.




Use a towel as a compress on those parts of the body with injured inner organs.

Presoak the towel in revitalised water for an hour or two. Squeeze the excess water out of the towel before placing it on the part of the body in question. Wait for the towel to dry. This may take several hours. To further increase the effect of this therapy, wear the compress throughout the day.



Hold the burnt skin area under the running revitalised water. The pain will disappear immediately, while the burnt spot will hardly be visible within a couple of days.



Hold the open wound under the running revitalised water for several minutes. Widen the wound, thus allowing the water to penetrate the wound as deeply as possible, disinfecting it. At first, you will feel a stinging pain, as if caused by an iodine tincture. The bleeding will stop immediately, while the wound will be covered with new, tender skin relatively shortly.



Use the revitalised water to remove tooth tartar, treat paradentosis, pre-gangrene, gangrene and other oral conditions and infections.

If suffering from pre-gangrene or gangrene, rinse the mouth with revitalised water. Keep the water in your mouth for several minutes. Repeat this procedure at least 7 times a day. Put a wet compress on the cheek. Repeat the entire procedure every hour.



In order to treat an intestine medical condition or even as a preventive measure, carry out the occasional enema treatment with revitalised water (without any additives). This will help you cleanse the intestinal pockets (diverticula) of the feces stuck there, while simultaneously healing small wounds.



Use revitalised water when preparing food and washing the dishes as revitalised water slows down the decaying process of various products (such as fruit, bread and ice cream).

Soak a tea bag for several minutes in cold revitalised water. When the water has achieved a proper colour, remove the tea bag. Only then heat the tea to a maximum of 40º C.



Revitalised water has a beneficial effect on mosquite bites, bee and wasp stings, as well as scorpio and snake bites;